Why is information missing from my School Micro-site?

Not sure why badges, videos, student artwork and more is missing from your school micro-site?
Written by Andrew McDonald
Updated 1 year ago

The most probable reason why you have content missing from your school micro-site is because your school only has a Standard page, not a Premium page.

For schools that are more engaged with The Rookies and really looking to boost their exposure and reach with prospective students, we offer Premium Micro-sites that offer the following features and benefits:

  • Contact form connected to your school admissions team
  • Appear higher in search results
  • Badges and Achievements are displayed on your microsite and search cards
  • Certified School badge appears prominently on your microsite
  • Promotional Video 
  • Student Gallery shows live examples of trending work 
  • Detailed Course information to help with SEO and lead generation
  • Additional Call-to-actions to help drive leads to your admissions team
  • Additional featured images of your school 


When you have a Premium Micro-site, you also have access to the following benefits:

  • Invited to contribute to our Discover Blog
  • Unlimited Editorial Content
  • Social Media Engagement through student posts
  • Fully maintained and managed by our team

"I would say at least 50% of our students have found Think Tank Training Center from having our school Certified and displayed on The Rookies."

Scott Thompson | Founder, Think Tank Training Centre

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