Our school didn't rank as highly this year. Should we be concerned?

The Global School Rankings is a big deal, and we understand any adjustments can seem concerning.
Written by Andrew McDonald
Updated 1 year ago

The most important thing is to not worry about minor placements. If you ranked in any category, things are good, and your school will receive the exposure they deserve.

There are several factors that can attribute to a shift in your place in The Rookies World School Rankings each year. 

  • The number of entries from your school is lower than the year before and you didn't qualify;
  • Each year students from over 500 schools enter the awards. The more schools that are represented, the more the competition;
  • There may be fewer entries from your school featured in the "winners' pool". Remember, points are awarded for the following accolades: Being a Finalist, Runner-Up, selected for The Draft, and being an overall category winner.
  • Students confusing a portfolio piece for an entry. Creating and uploading a "project" to a portfolio is not the same as entering the Rookie Awards contest.
  • Overall standard across the board has changed. We can't say it enough: Students should enter their best work! Check our YouTube Channel for advice on what our judges are looking for.
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