What type of content should I upload?

This article will show you how to approach your entry page
Written by Andrew McDonald
Updated 2 years ago

With so many categories and with some much amazing artwork out there, it can be a little daunting to figure out what to upload as part of your entry page.

Before we get into specifics and share some examples, the best word of advice for all entrants is:

Treat your Rookies' entry page like a job application. The judges are looking for entrants to show what they have learnt at school. They want you to show your understanding of your chosen industry and how you could fit into a production environment. When you apply for a job in real life you will show the best examples of work you have created. This is what the judges are looking for too. 

When creating your entry page and uploading projects. Make sure to pay attention to all the small details just like a job application. 

  • Check your spelling

  • Make sure you fill out every question carefully

  • Include helpful descriptions to all your images and videos that describe how you created the project and what software you used

  • Don't upload incomplete projects or WIP. It can indicate you might not be very good at personal time management

  • Include supporting images/videos that show breakdowns. Finished work is crucial, but explaining how you created the project is just as powerful.

  • Don't rush your application process. It can indicate that you are likely to rush production work and make mistakes.

As a side note: It's not critical to upload a demo reel, however for some industries like Visual Effects and Animation we highly recommend it. You will no be penalised if you do not upload one but please make sure if you don't that your supporting images show enough of your skills.

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