Is the 3D Animation category only for animators?

3D Animation refers to the industry, not the discipline of keyframe animation.
Written by Andrew McDonald
Updated 11 months ago

No. We get this one a lot and it simply comes down to terminology. When we refer to 3D Animation we mean stylised 3D projects similar to what you'd expect from a Pixar or Dreamworks movie.

Do not confuse the term '3D Animation' with the discipline of keyframe animation. 

Entries to the 3D Animation category should include content specifically created for feature animated films/shorts. The key is that all elements should be full CG - environments, characters, set, props, animation and effects.

If you are an animator, don't assume that you must enter the 3D Animation category. Submit your work to the industry that relates to your style of work eg: Visual Effects, 3D Animation, Game Development.

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