Are you eligible to enter the Rookies Awards?

Make sure you are allowed to enter the Rookies Awards before you get started
Written by Andrew McDonald
Updated 6 months ago

All amateur creative media artists are eligible to enter the Rookie Awards. However there are a few guidelines and exceptions to make things as fair as possible.

What does it mean to be an Amateur

The term amateur is now used to help make sure the Rookie Awards is only open to artists trying to get into film, games and other creative industries.

This means that if you have worked professionally in the field you are looking to enter for more than 12 months you are not eligible.

Absolutely not professional work is allowed to be submitted. Your entry will automatically be deleted if any of this work is shown.

At any time, if the judges feel you are not at an amateur level, your entry will be removed. We want this content to be open to only students and self-taught artists who genuinely are trying to make their big break. The artists that have worked hard creating a portfolio and want to make a living from their passion.

If you are Under 18 Years of old

You are only eligible to enter the Young Guns category. 

But I'm not a student. Can I still enter?
Self-taught artists are eligible to enter the Rookie Awards.

Still unsure if you are eligible?

If you are still unsure about your eligibility, please create a profile page at The Rookies and then contact our team. We will be able to review your work and discuss eligibility.

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