Do I have to enter contest at The Rookies?

Want to be a member, but not interested in contests just yet. You are more than welcome here!
Written by Andrew McDonald
Updated 2 years ago

A lot of our new members register at The Rookies to enter our contests. However, there are also loads of people who are more interested in hanging out, chatting, and having a place to grow and share their portfolio.

If this is you, welcome. The Rookies is a great place to build your own portfolio and share it amongst other aspiring artists on the same journey as you. The goal of this community is to help you move from Debut (someone who has just discovered the world of creative media) through to a Rookie (artists in their first year of professional career) and ultimately to an artist with a long and impressive career working in games, vfx, animation, archviz, design and more.

Your portfolio

As a member you have your own personal portfolio page where you can add projects you are working on. They could be some live drawing studies, basic 3d projects, a small animation, a 2D short film. It doesn't really matter. The goal is to share what you are working on and keep improving your portfolio.

Everyone has to start at the beginning, so don't be intimidated. We all started there and like all the other members, everyone is at different stages and skill levels.

Create your first project

You can create a project using the +New Project located top-right of most pages on the website.

These projects will appear here for other members to view here:

These projects will also appear on your portfolio page.

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