Can I enter work from another contest?

Want to share a project your submitted to another contest. Find our more here.
Written by Andrew McDonald
Updated 2 years ago

This question needs to be split into two sections:

  • Rookie Awards

  • Other Contests

Rookie Awards

The goal of the Rookie Awards is to share your best work to a panel of industry professionals. This contest is not about creating new projects, it's about sharing what you have already created. With this in mind, if you have created a project for another contest, you most certainly can submit it as part of your Rookie Awards entry.

Any work that you have created, no matter where it was shared first, can be included in your Rookie Awards entry.

Other Contests

All other contests on The Rookies platform are designed based. You are given a brief to create something. In this scenario, you are not allowed to upload work you previously created.

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