Can I edit my contest Entry?

Want to make some changes to your contest entry.
Written by Andrew McDonald
Updated 2 years ago

When you submit an entry to a contest at The Rookies you will not be able to edit the media that was submitted. 

At any time you can edit the entry featured thumbnail, title, description, software tags, skill tags, contributors and adult content settings. 

Save as Draft

If you feel you will want to make changes to your media there is an option to save as draft. This will save a working version that can be updated at any point in time. 

Safe Guards

There are clear reminders and checkboxes to make sure you understand this is going to happen on the final page of all content submission pages.

Why would you do this!

The reason is because of our judging system. Once you submit an entry it heads over to our judges and voting begins. If you were able to keep editing your entry while this is happening it would cause all sorts of drama.

Please just think of it like an email or other contest out there. Once you send it, it's done. There is no turning back. So take your time and make sure everything looks good. 

I made a mistake

If you have made a mistake or change your mind about an entry, please contact our support team. They will be able to remove your entry for you.

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