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How do I submit an entry "Saved as Draft"

The steps you need to complete to finish your draft entry.
Written by Andrew McDonald
Updated 3 weeks ago

When you enter a contest, sometimes you get interrupted or need to come back later to finish submitting the entry. To help with his we have a "Save as Draft" option that can be found on Step 2 of the Contest Entry process.

Where do I find my Draft Entries?

Visit your Entries page by clicking My Entries from the main dropdown menu.

You will see all your entries on this page, including your Draft entries. Draft entries will display a crossed out eyeball in the top left of the card.

Click on the Draft entry that you'd like to finish submitting. This will take you to the entry page which ONLY you can view.

Located at the top-right are two buttons:

Edit Media: This will take you to step 1 and allow you to edit your images, videos and text that is part of your entry. You only need to click this is you want to add/remove any media to your page.

Edit Details: This button is the one you need to click to complete your entry. It will take your direct to Step 2 (Entry Details) and proceed you through Step 3 (Select Contests), and then onto Step 4 (Verify Eligibility).

Once you have completed all 4 steps, you will be presented with an Entry Submitted page. All done!

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