Without an entry page, the judges, and the world, can't see your work. Don't worry thought, it's super easy to setup. Let's get started.

1. Go to the Create Entry Page

2. Check your Eligibility

3. Ready the Rules

4. Select Create Entry Page

This will load a page with a submission form. Go through the form one question at a time and input your information. Here is a quick overview of the questions:

Submission Form 

Please add your name. eg: Jon Snow.
This is the name that will be shown to recruiters and judges.

Creative Field

What is your Primary Industry?
This is a very important question. Based on this selection, we assign judges that best represent the industry you select. This should also be the industry that you have been studying at school so it should be a pretty straight forward choice.

What are your Secondary Industries?
This is for the people where question one was a bit vague. We understand that some students have skills across multiple industries and might not have narrowed down their selection just yet. 

No problem. Use this field to select additional industries so that recruiters can find you and people can browse your profile page.


These are pretty straight forward questions that are used to help people find you. The important ones here are Country and City. Make sure to select the locations where you currently live. 

We haven't listed all Cities in the world. There are quite a few :)
If you can't find your city, simply input it into the field and select Add New.

Website links

These are used to display external links to other parts of the web and your social media networks. These are not required fields, but we recommend adding a few to help share your story.

Please use full url's eg:  http://www.mycoolsite.com


Graduation Date
Select the date that you finished your studies. This date is used to make sure you are eligible for The Rookies.

School Name
Please make sure to select your school from the dropdown list. Start typing a few words and suggestions will appear.

If your school doesn't appear, you can Add New. 

Note: Make sure check if your school name already exists, otherwise your school are not able to showcase your work!


Short Introduction about yourself
There are two parts to this section. Basically we want you to just share some information about you that people would find interesting. The goal here is to "sell yourself" to recruiters, tell them about your career goals and what got you interested in your chosen field.

Please add any relevant work experience or training you have completed. (We understand you are students, so this is not a required field.)

You can add HTML formatting to these fields to help make them easier to read.

These are used to help recruiters and the general public find you with the search features throughout the site. It's also your choice to show what your best skills are. 

We recommend adding software skills, areas of expertise, languages and similar. 

Tip: Less is more. Don't go crazy here. Focus on your key tags that people would search for, rather than everything that comes to mind.

Employment Opportunities

Are you available for hire or open to job offers?
Not everyone is looking for work, so we don't want to allow people to "hide" from searches where possible. 

However, on the other hand, if you are looking for work, select this checkbox so you appear in more searches.

Studio Internship and Jobs

Would you like to apply for one of the Internships on offer?
This is an optional field. If you are interest in applying for any of the Studio Internships and Jobs on offer make sure to select the checkbox.

If you select "Yes", an additional field will appear with option to select locations you are eligible to work.

Please select ONLY the location(s) where you are a permanent resident or eligible to work without a Visa or sponsorship.

School Scholarships

Just like Studio Internships, this field is not required. It's for people that are interested in furthering their education with some of the world's best training facilities.

If you select "Yes", an additional field will appear with option to select locations you are eligible to study.

Theme Settings

You have 3 simple options here:

  • Header Font Colour by Dark/Light
  • Portfolio images order by Date/Time
  • Portfolio images order by Ascending/Descending

You can also set the order of your projects with the Order and Order by radio buttons.

Additional Projects

These fields allow you to add new tabs to your page for Film of the Year and Game of the Year projects.

We don't want every team member adding the same Film of the Year or Game of the Year project multiple times. So, we ask that one team member uploads a Film of the Year or Game of the Year project.

Simply select the checkbox you want, wait for the input to load and then type the name of the Film of the Year or Game of the Year project into the input field and select the project from the suggestions.

Once your project has been selected, it will now display on your new tab.


At the bottom of the page is the submit button. Once you are happy with all the content you have added, please hit "Submit". This will take you to the next part of the form where you can upload a cover image.

Upload Cover Image

This image is specific to your entry page. It is located in the header of your page and is a great way to customise your page. Simply upload an image and hit "Submit".

Once the image upload process completes and the success message appears, you can now follow the link to visit your very own Entry Page where you can start uploading projects.

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