A Project is a single page used to show your work. You can upload unlimited projects, and every project will displayed as a single thumbnail on your Entry Page.

Add a Project here: http://www.therookies.co/create-project/

Select a Category

When you load the Create Project page you will be promoted with a Category selection form. 

  1. Projects
    This is the main category everyone will use at some point. Projects are pages that show images and video of work you have created. These are the sub-categories:
    Animation, Architecture, Film Production, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Motion Graphics, Next-Gen Gaming, Photography, Virtual Reality, Visual Effects, Web & Mobile.
  2. Game of the Year
    These are film based projects created by both teams and individuals. There are sub-categories:
    Next-Gen Gaming, Virtual Reality, Web & Mobile
  3. Film of the Year
    These are film based projects created by both teams and individuals. There are sub-categories:
    Animation, Film Production, Visual Effects

Select a Sub-Category

As outlined above, each category has sub-categories relating to the type of work you would like to upload. Select the sub-category that best represents your work. 

Categories are used like TAGS. They are used to help people search, so don't get too hung up on your choice especially if you feel your work could be place in multiple sub-categories.

Add Project Details

Name: Use a name that is helpful for people to search. Be creative, but also make sure it's relative to your work. TIP: Don't just use a name like "Random Sketch" as this will not impress our judges or recruiters.

Description: Use this field to write about the project. Explain why you created the work, how you created it, and if there were any challenges. The idea here is to "pitch" your work to everyone.

TAGS: These are used to help people when they are searching the website. Think like Google does and select TAGS that people would search for. We recommend using TAGS that explain the software, hardware, techniques, and skills you used to create the work.

The TAG field has an auto-complete feature. So start typing the first few letters of your desired TAG, if it appears in the dropdown select it. If it doesn't appear click the ADD button.

Project Tips

  • A project can include a single image.
  • A project can include multiple images.
  • A project can include multiple images, videos, and 3D files.
  • A project can even be a group of related works. For example:
    Character Designs
    - Landscape Photography
    - Typography
    - VFX Breakdowns
    - Concept Art
    - Models
    - Product Design

As you can see, projects pages have unlimited possibilities. Some people like to show a single artwork per project. Others like to group related projects. Some like to mix-n-match. It's your call. Get creative!

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