The goal of the Process View is to allow members to share their work with a few exciting little features that would give a better experience than just images and video embeds.

The Process View allows you to upload up-to 5 images and let the viewer scrub through them with a slide controller.

Look out for the yellow scroll bar and process view icon as shown in this example below.

Here are some reasons why you'd want to do that:

  • Share your progress from concept through to final image in one gallery.
  • Share a wireframe, shaded and rendered version of your project.
  • Share keyframes from your latest animation sequence.
  • Share different lighting layers or compositing layers in one view.
  • Share a story using consecutive images.
  • because it's cool! Seriously, fade between images interactively. Woh.

General Tips

  • The first image in every process view controls the height of the final viewport. 
  • Make sure all your image are the same size. This will make sure everything lines up perfectly.
  • Get creative. You have 5 images to use in this space. You can do pretty much anything in here and even add text overlays using Photoshop to really present your work in a unique way.
  • You can click on the images in a Process View and review the full-size images in our interactive viewer. Use keyboard arrows to click through or mouse to scrub.
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