Project often get super big and involve many talented people. This is why we've made sure to include a simple way to include all your team members in a project that is displayed on your page.

  1. Add a New Project
  2. Add all your images, videos, text and goodies to the project.
  3. Hit Continue to proceed to Step 2 of 2. This step is where you can add your title, description, tags, thumbnail image and collaborators.

To add a collaborator simple start typing the name of the person. 

  • If they are a member, their name will appear in the field and you can select it. 
  • If they are not a member, you can just add their name as plain text. This will not connect anything to your page.

When you add a collaborator to a project, the member will be sent a confirmation request to connect with the project and help spread the word.

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