Promoting your listing is a great way to appear on high-traffic pages such as the homepage and school ranking pages. You will also appear below other listing pages and recommended to users.

Promotions last for 90 days form the time of purchase.

  • A featured listing allows you to boost your visibility to users.
  • The listing will be featured in high-traffic sections.
  • The Listing will be ranked higher in search results.
  • The Listing will receive special badges.
  • The promotion can be cancelled at any time.
  • Any remaining amount of ad time will be saved until you decide to use the promotion key again.

How to promote a listing

You will find a “Promote” button under each listing in your User Dashboard > My Listings.

Clicking on the "Promote" button will open a pop-up with the list of promotion packages the you can choose from. Select which one to buy, then can click on the package, and you will be redirected immediately to the Checkout page.

Once at the Checkout area, input your Billing details and click on the Payment method you would like to use eg: Credit Card (Stripe). Input your details and click "Place Order".

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